Ayurvedic Panchkarma Treatment

A Timeless Ayurvedic Healing Process

About Panchkarma

Panchakarama is the sacred mantra of rejuvenation. Panchakarma in Ayurveda means five type of therapeutic way of treatment to eliminate toxins from the body and to replenish the tissues of the patient. The common procedure of Panchakarma includes Emesis (Vamanam), Purgation (Virechanam), Medication Oil Enema (Snehavasthi), Enema with herbal decoction, oils, honey etc. (Kashayavasthi) and Installation of medicines through nose (Nasyam).

Panchkarma is a unique set of ayurvedic therapeutic procedures advocated for :

 Detoxification and rejuvenation of the body

 Radical and long lasting cure of acute and chronic and chronic physical and mental disorders.

 Increase the immunity and vitality .

 Protection and promotion of physical and mental health.

Panchkarma treatment comprises of the following five main treatment procedures-


(Therapeutic emesis)


(Therapeutic purgation)


(Therapeutic enema)


(Nasal instillation of medicines)

Rakta Moshan

(Therapeutic bloodletting)



Abhyanga is Ayurveda’s principal healing root and the mother of all massages. It is a whole body massage given with herbal oils customized to your body type to detoxify, nourish and revitalize the body tissues. Abhyanga has much deeper and more far reaching effects than ordinary massage using mineral oils and lotions.

Abhyanga achieves deepest healing effects by naturally harmonizing Mind body and spirit.This massage is usually followed by herbal bath (swedan).It is one of the most rejuvenating treatments of Ayurveda.

Benefits-Increases tissue strength, improves blood circulation, rejuvenate the whole body, remove cellulite, beautifies the skin, anti-aging, helps sleep better, promotes vitality, Reduces vata imbalance, stress and toxins.



In Shirodhara, warm medicated oil/herbal dedication/medicated milk/buttermilk is continuously poured on the forehead for 30 to 45 minutes. This procedure often induces a completely relaxing and rejuvenating mental and physical state. It deeply revitalizes the central nervous system.

Benefits-It alleviates anxiety, depression, stress, epilepsy hypertension, diabetic neuropathy, hemiplegia, premature greying of hairs and hair loss.


Shastika Shali Pinda Swedan-

This is a highly effective anti-aging/rejuvenation massage using a special type of rice that is cooked, and dipped into herbal milk, then skillfully massaged simultaneously by two therapists all over the body.

Benefits-Paralysis, stroke, anti-aging and rejuvenating, strengthens tissues, body ache, Emaciation and general Debility, DMD.


Patra Pinda Swedan

A highly rejuvenating treatment in which fresh plants are fried with several other herbal ingredients which are tied and dipped into warm medicated oil and simultaneously massaged by two therapists all over the body for one hour. It is applied after abhayanga.

Benefits-Chronic back pain, loss of function of a part or whole limb, joint stiffness and swelling, muscular pain, anti-aging and rejuvenating, sciatica, cervical and lumbar spondylitis, sprain and cramps.



Medicated oil/medicated milk is poured onto the body in continuous streams while being gently massaged by two therapists for one hour. It is extremely soothing and relaxing. It acts as a free radical scavenger, toning, strengthening and deeply rejuvenating the whole body.

Benefits-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS) after exposure to a viral or bacterial infection, Increases Ojus & Body Immunity, Anti-Aging &rejuvenating Alleviates the burning sensation in the body, Helps to recover from paralysis, Promotes healing of fractures.


Udvartana(Weight Loss Massage)

This is a specialized herbal treatment for weight reduction. An herbal paste or powder is applied all over the body and deeply massaged with specific movements by two therapists for one hour.

Benefits-Toning the skin & muscle after child birth or weight loss, Remove Cellulite, Obesity, Weight reduction, Imparts good complexion to the skin revitalizes the sense of touch, Removes Kapha toxins from the body.


Hrid Basti

This procedure is applied over the heart for 20 minutes using warm medicated oils of herbal decoctions.

Benefits-Strengthening of the heart, Palpitation, Cardio muscle weakness, Cardio Myopathy.


Janu Basti

In this treatment the knee is bathed in warm medicated oils or herbal decoctions taking 20 to 30 Minutes. It promotes the strength of the knee joint by improving the circulation.

Benefits-Pain of Knee Joint, Osteoarthritis of the knee Joint.



It consists of pouring warm medicated oil in the ears with special massage around the ear and on the face and lower neck. It uses the “marma” technique and is followed by facial steam.

Benefits-It helps to relieve neck pains, body pains and is effective for ear problems, jaw problems, fatigue, facial expressions and the effects of ageing. It stimulates the sense organs. All persons in positions of higher authority stand to benefit from Karnapuran.



It consists of a warm medicated ghee/oil bath to the eyes.

Benefits-It is especially effective for those handling computers and is most useful for different types of eye problems like dryness of eyes, weak eyesight, reddening and pains in the eyes.



Shiro-abhyanga is a head massage i.e. application of medicated oils to the head followed by a gentle massage.

Benefits-It rejuvenates the entire body and strengthens the nervous system. It is useful for sense organs.



Warm oil within a ring of black gram flour dough is placed on the back.

Benefits-It strengthens the vertebral column and spinal cord. It helps to overcome problems of sciatica, Spondylosis, slip-disc and stiffness in the pelvic region. Kati-Basti develops stamina and reduces back pain, it reduces problems related to osteoporosis, and it is effective as a preventive treatment for two wheeler users, athletes, wrestlers and swimmers.